Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun Times....

Catelyn, Elvira, Me


I jumped off!! (this is way bigger in real life)

Camping on my B- day

This was her first time ever camping

mmm I love her!

This is what all the kids do in China, it mans 'I love you' haha!
Well, School has started again and summer seems like it was forever ago but I will always remember it! A couple things that I still haven't posted about was camping for my B-day and our exchange student Elvira. Catelyn came down for my birthday and we had a fun night with Elvira and my family. The next morning we got up and left to go camping. We had so much fun just hanging out together, playing games and eating! We even hiked down a loooong, hard hike to a big waterfall and got to swim in the fresh water. The camera makes the waterfall look smaller than it is (trust me, its huge and scary). But I jumped off!!! (After standing at the top for about ten minutes getting talked into it by my dad with everyone looking at me and people getting frusterated behind me)...... but I'm still proud I finally did it. I'm glad I could finish off the summer with an awesome few days with my famiy.
OK, I can't believe I still haven't posted about Elvira becasue she was with us for 3 weeks and was such a blast!!! We bonded so quickly and had so much fun shopping, doing hair and makeup, and listening to mucsic with each other. She really bacame such a good friend and it was so sad to see her go. I hope she always remembers me and the fun we had together. I'm going to try hard to stay in touch with her.
Well, thats all for today. I'm so excited to see the Allreds and hang out with them for nine days!! They will be here in a few hours! Gotta go!
P.S.- I got my driver's license!! whoo hoo!


Shiela Campbell said...

I Loved your pics and hearing about your fun summer and esp. efy and Elvira! I just read Whitney's blog and am so glad you got to share such a special experience. It would be so great if Taylor could go with you at least once. I LOVE YOU HONEY AND AM SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!

Taylor said...

It sounded like you guys had a fun time! I am so glad I am here!

Whit said...

hey, Elvira is so cute. just so you don't get mad at me, I AM gonna post as soon as I rummage through all of my lake powell pics. I just said that, cuz I know how annoyed you get when people don't post in foreva. Oh, and I figured out how to get music on my blog. its on, so when you get a chance, call me an I'll you through it cuz there's not enough room on here to explain right. love ya tons and tons!!!!

Whit said...

dude, 1 word...BLOG!! haha, you haven't been on in forever. I wanna hear whats going on in you world. love ya!

Whit said...

haha, so thats where you've been!!! I feel like I've been in my own little blogger world for like a month, cuz nobody gets on anymore. Well, I'm glad you're back from the dead. Can't wait to see your powell pics, I love that place. Love you tons!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cute girl! I need your email cause Im going private on my blog!

Ellie said...

dont forget to coment on other blogs!